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SNIC Operations

Snow and Ice Removal (SNIC)
When the snow starts to fly members can receive information on report timings through the SNIC phone line: 613.392.2811 ext 7642.  This phone line will be updated daily throughout the winter months, NLT 0530 hrs.  There are two weather states to be aware of:
ALPHA – All 8Wing personnel will report for work as per routine working hours, SNIC is in progress.  Where Unit parking lots are unavailable, personnel will make use of the nearest Weather Event Parking Area to their Unit.
BRAVO – All non-essential 8 Wing personnel will delay in reporting until XX:XX hrs.  Essential personnel will use the nearest Weather Event Parking Area to their Unit.  All 8Wing personnel should continue to monitor phone message for updates.
There are four Weather Event Parking Areas on the Wing:  two on the North Side (by main entrance and Hangar 1), two on the South Side (by Officer’s Mess and in front of the hospital).  Updated messages with regards to weather state can also be found on Twitter: @8WGSNIC.