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Board of Directors

Trenton MFRC

Board of Directors



  Linda Blanchette

    Board Chair

​I am Linda Blanchette. I am a granddaughter, daughter, wife, and mother of military members. I have sat on the Board since 2012. I am now retired but I was a Dental assistant for 30 years. I have done volunteering and sat on many other boards and committees over the years. I have volunteered for schools, Girl Guides for 25 years, OSISS for 20 years, the MFRC for 30 years, and many other groups. I have been married 40+ years and have three children. I have volunteered with many Veterans families over the years. I love people and helping out in anything I am asked to do. I look forward to getting to serve our military community and their families for another exciting year!

  Brent Parsons

     Board Member

Brent was born in Scarborough, Ont. where he lived for 20 years. While attending George Brown College for Culinary management he started in the hospitality world at the CN Tower. From there he was hooked, and worked in various roles around the world for Marriott Hotels & Resorts. After working in hotels & restaurants for 15 years, he decided to move into IT for Oracle. Brent moved to Trenton in 2018 with his wife, Jen, their twin boys and their dogs and haven't looked back. They opened Parsons Cafe & Catering in April of 2018. Brent joined the MFRC & Quinte West Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors in 2019. He looks forward to continuing to bring his hospitality experience to the Board of Directors and the 8 Wing Trenton military community for years to come.


  Pamela Charest

    Board Member, Chair of Governance Committee

I am a military spouse for the last 18 years. I joined the MFRC as a director of the board of directors and currently I am the Chair of the Governance Committee.  
The various MFRC’s have played a pivotal role in supporting our family throughout the last 18 years. From deployment support, counselling, to the special needs and inclusion program. It seems the MFRC’s in the various bases/wings have been there, a friendly face and space during some of the most trying times for our family unit. I firmly believe in mission and values of the Trenton MFRC. I am proud to give back to our military community and proud of how the MFRC stands with families.

  Candice Wylde

    Board Member

Hi there, my name is Candice Wylde. I am a community member of the Trenton MFRC Board of Directors. I am directly connected to the military community through many relationships, including a marriage and my children, and am honoured to be a part of the 8 Wing Trenton community. I am thrilled to be serving in this role alongside the Trenton MFRC as it will allow me to give back to the community that I take such pride in being a part of. I look forward to navigating any challenges, as well as celebrating the successes, that the Trenton MFRC will have over the next year!

  Tamara Kleinschmidt

     Executive Director, MFRC Representitive

  As a military spouse herself Tamara is committed to providing responsive programs and supports to military families. Tamara’s approach to military family support is focused on impact and combines research, innovation, and compassion. Tamara is an active member of the Minister of Veterans Affairs Advisory Group on Families and the Vanier Institute of the Family Military & Veterans Families Leadership Circle. Tamara is also actively engaged with the local community currently as a Member of the Quinte Health Care Board of Directors and formerly Board Chair of the Loyalist College Board of Governors.



  Wendy Synnott

    Board Vice-Chair

All of my life I have lived in the military family community. My parents were career Air Force, my husband served in the Air Force for approximately 37 years and I have a daughter in the Air Force. Two of my sisters were married to members of the Army and I have a niece in the navy. I retired from the Trenton MFRC in 2018, after 16 years as Volunteer Program coordinator. I have two adult daughters and three grandchildren, currently all living in the Trenton area. Support and services for military families has long been a passion of mine and I look forward to getting to continue serving our community in my role on the Board of Directors.

  Rhonda Schmidt

     Board Member

Rhonda Schmidt originally hails from Edmonton, Alberta – affectionately termed God’s country - and currently works locally as a Mortgage Agent. The spouse of a retired military member, who served for 27 years, Rhonda brings her knowledge of the military life to practical service through the MFRC Board. Rhonda has served on the Board for over two years, and presently holds the positions of Vice-Chair and Treasurer. With a Bachelor of Education, and two children active in the community, Rhonda is committed to giving back to military families through her support of children’s programming and events. She enjoys walking, home renovations, anything to do with her daughters, and is an avid sports fan. Rhonda is especially thankful for the support of the MFRC through the years. As she knows firsthand the opportunities and challenges associated with military life, Rhonda encourages MFRC programming to remain responsive to, and enhance the quality of, the military community.

 Sara Emond

  8 Wing Representitive

Sara Emond is a military daughter, mom, and spouse who also became an HR Officer in the Royal Canadian Air Force. Having lived all over Canada, as both a spouse and then a member, she has seen the struggles and opportunities that can come with military life and loves to help others find their opportunities. Previously, Sara was part of the 4 Wing Cold Lake MFRC Board of Directors and a volunteer at the Trenton MFRC from 2007 to 2010. She looks forward to the opportunities to come over the next year and is excited to continue serving the military family community.