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8Wing CFB Trenton Messes and Institutes Messes are currently closed.

Due to COVID-19 restrictions, the Mess Clerks office remains closed. However, Mess Clerks are working on a rotational basis. Should you need access to your Mess Clerk they can be reached at the following: 

Officers' Mess
Amy Dawson
Local 3457

WO & Sgts Mess
Sandra Riverin
Local 2768
Junior Ranks
Joanne Lamoureux
Local 3700
8Wing CFB Trenton operates three messes; Officers' Mess, Warrant Officers' and Sergeants' Mess and the Junior Ranks Mess.  All three messes are located on the South Side of the Base. Each Mess has an active sports and entertainment committee, and members are strongly encouraged to participate in Mess life.

If you are a Military member and are interested in booking space, please email; +8Wg Central Messes and Institute Booking@CFB Trenton@Trenton on the DIN.

For any non-Military member bookings, please click here to email a booking request.