Junior Ranks Mess Committee

Meet Your Junior Ranks Mess Executive Committee

2021 Executive Committee
President of Mess Committee - MS Ken McKellar
Vice President - MCpl Chris Thomson
Secretary – MCpl Melissa Melaragno
Vice Secretary - Cpl Katlin Lamont
Finance Chair – Cpl Marc Orr
Vice-Finance - MCpl Jeremy Roy
Entertainment Chair – Cpl Randy Macfarlane
Vice-Entertainment- Cpl Julie Ferland
Vice-Entertainment- Vacant
Sports Chair – Cpl Zeus Magallanes
Vice-Sports - Pte Vic Philpott
Vice-Sports - Cpl Jason Berquist
E-Sports Chair - Cpl Patrick Salter
Vice E-Sports - Cpl Mark Attwood
Associate Representative - Mr Bruce Doyle
Housing Chair – MCpl Andrew Hunt
Vice Housing - Cpl Chase Encil
Advertising Chair – MCpl Marco Bossé
Vice-Advertising - Vacant
Living-In Rep - Avr Victor Freitas
Sponsorship and Donations - Cpl Remy Abdelatty    

Mess Manager - Ms. Amy Dawson
Assistant Mess Manager - Ms. Diane Haire
Messes Clerk - Ms. Melissa Gallant