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Trenton MFRC Virtual Programming & Support


As a result of the COVID-19 Pandemic, the Trenton MFRC has had to close its physical doors but we are dedicated to supporting military families during this unusual and challenging time. We are committed to continuing our programs, services and support resources virtually. Our organization’s goal during this initial period is to focus on Crisis Intervention, Information & Referral, Social Connection, and initiate general virtual programming. Our virtual offerings will grow and develop over the coming weeks.


How We Can Support You Now

For information on our Zoom workshops please check our Facebook page at Trenton Military Family Resource-MFRC or our website www.trentonmfrc.ca.

Mental Health & Wellness

Our mental health team remains here to assist you. We are providing virtual mental health one-on-one support and workshops to support your mental wellness. If you have questions or just need to talk, please email mentalhealth@trentonmfrc.ca.

Veteran Family Program

The Veteran Family Program is providing virtual one-on-one support to clients to assist with the medical release process. We can assist with connecting clients with the appropriate service providers to ease their transition and ensure they are ready for the next chapter. If you need help filling out forms, getting organized or accessing resources, please contact Kameel Sharma at kameel.s@trentonmfrc.ca or Hélène Cadotte-Gagnon at helene.cg@trentonmfrc.ca. To stay connected with your Veteran Family Program team please reach out.

Deployment & Family Separation

The Deployment & Family Separation Program will be providing Community Connection groups and Kids Corner activities through our virtual program platform, Zoom. All DAGs are being completed virtually. If a family would like to use the respite program and has their own care provider, we are happy to say the paperwork can be completed virtually (email and over the phone). Our Warmline check-in calls will be made weekly to families. Additionally, we have a private Community Connection Facebook group where relevant information and resources are shared for spouses experiencing Deployment. An e-newsletter is in the works for those who may not want regular phone calls but would like to stay connected; it will be sent out to all families currently living with deployment.
For more information or support, please email deployments@trentonmfrc.ca.


Second Language

The Second Language Training (SLT) Fall session will be offered starting on Tuesday, September 21, 2021. The program will run 10 weeks and be divided into two areas: The first, virtual classes with students and the teacher to offer grammar explanations and guidance for the LRDG portal and more activities related to the LRDG concepts, mostly to improve oral skills. We are pleased to offer this session, in a virtual classroom. The second area will utilize the LRDG portal for the grammar rules and exercises. The usual two-hour classes, twice a week will become a one-hour virtual class twice a week using the Zoom Meeting platform. The classes will be on mornings (1011 a.m.) or evenings (78 p.m.) and on Monday and Wednesday or Tuesday and Thursday depending on enrolment. For more information or to register contact Nathalie at nathalie.v@trentonmfrc.ca.

Employment & Education

As we self-isolate, now may be the perfect time to invest in your future. We are able to schedule one-on-one appointments for career and educational counselling, resume and cover letter prep as well as interview coaching through WebEx. Our job posting document will continue to be sent out weekly to our client list. Currently,we are gearing up to offer our award-winning portfolio development program nationally through MFS. This program, while still maintaining the content specific to our partnership with Loyalist, will be focusing on a mix and match scenario to enable participants to choose the sessions they are most interested in. Participants wanting to receive our joint certificate will be required to take all sessions and submit their portfolio for assessment. We are also gearing up to offer an additional HERCS Branding session as well. For more information please contact elizabeth.n@trentonmfrc.ca.



The Youth Resiliency program will be virtually supporting and engaging with youth ages 6-12 through weekly webinars facilitating a variety of fun activities including charades, music day, talent show and more! We will engage with teens ages 13-18 through our "Teen Social" on Zoom on a bi-weekly basis. As April is the Month of the Military Child, we will be recognizing youth through our social media channels and encouraging them to participate in an art activity to display what it means to them to be apart of a military family. Adults can connect with others through our Friday Finds program, hosted virtually on Zoom, which will provide a social opportunity to chat, play games like trivia, and discuss some fun locations to check out post-isolation. Lastly, the Kids Have Stress Too program will be modified to offer virtual parenting tips and tools regarding children facing stress.
For information, contact Kendra Bickford at kendra.b@trentonmfrc.ca.


Personal Development

The Personal Development program is aimed towards providing activities that help enhance the quality of life and the development of new skills and hobbies. In the context of COVID-19, the Personal Development Program will aim to support social connectiveness through Virtual programming and webinars focused on wellness during self-isolation. The Personal Development Coordinator will also be scheduling special guest webinars exploring areas of interest. Some of these include 'Twenty Minute Belly Dancing Tutorial, and 'Expecting During a Pandemic' which aims to help ease the anxiety of families who are expecting during this time. Lastly, a webinar on 'Creating Healthy Habits' which helps you create small goals you can use to help yourself drink more H20, incorporate more fresh foods in your diet, walk once a day for 15 minutes, etc. All aimed towards a healthier lifestyle without the drastic change in diet/daily routines. For more information or to register for programs and webinars contact rabia.s@trentonmfrc.ca.


Special Needs & Inclusion Program

The Special Needs Inclusion Program (SNIP) will continue to support military families with special needs during the COVID-19 pandemic. SNIP will continue to provide confidential support, information and referral to individuals with special needs as well as caregivers of children, youth, and adults with special needs through virtual platforms SNIP will provide: one-on-one support, assistance in applying for funding opportunities, Tips & Tricks -How-to- Social Stories, trouble shooting, visual aids (choice boards, visual routines, etc.), webinars and virtual Parent Support Group. For more information on our programs and services, client support, or to register for an upcoming webinar, please contact our Special Needs Inclusion Coordinator, Bryanna Best at bryanna.b@trentonmfrc.ca.


Our EarlyON Program is alive and well. We know children are missing playtime with their friends and parents and caregivers are missing their social time too! Our playgroups will continue online. Join us for “Coffee with Korena" Tuesday mornings for our English playgroup and Friday mornings for our Francophone group. For more information and to register please email earlyon@trentonmfrc.ca.

Volunteer Program

The Volunteer Program will be working to offer webinars supporting volunteers and sharing how important it is to volunteer. We will provide youth and adult based webinars to keep people interested in volunteering and providing them with tools and resources on how to volunteer when we are able too. As well, we will be engaged in weekly check in’s with volunteers with information on support services and virtual programming provided through the Trenton MFRC, resources like online workshops and tools to assist with personal development and community resources. For more information contact Kate at kate.b@trentonmfrc.ca.

Welcome, Transition & Francophone Services

Virtual Francophone programming options are an important part of our program offerings but even more so in our current environment. The Rendez-vous francos program willbegin Monday, April 6, and run regularly supporting topics chosen by the participants. Continued social connection is the aim as our Book Club (once a month) and the Knit & Chat (twice a month) move to the Zoom Meeting platform. Looking to the future, we are planning our annual webinar for the week of April 29 for any newcomers anticipating a posting to Trenton. For more information or to register please contact Natasha Stevens at natasha.s@trentonmfrc.ca.


For all our virtual offerings and MFRC updates, like and follow our Facebook page. If you have suggestions on the type of programs or groups that would interest you, please let us know! Email your ideas to Makala at makala.c@trentonmfrc.ca.

Watch For

New Webinar and Program offerings will be added weekly and information will be posted on our websites www.trentonmfrc.ca or www.cafconnection.ca/Trenton and on our Trenton MFRC Facebook page.

Connect With Us

As always, you can connect with us by email info@trentonmfrc.ca, by calling and leaving a message at 613-965-3575, or through our social media channels and sending us a private message.

Family Information Line

Please remember military and veteran families have access to the Family Information Line 24 hours a day. Simply call 1-800-866-4546