CFB Trenton Yacht Club

CFB Trenton Yacht Club


Yacht Club

Baker Island, CFB Trenton

Contact (seasonal):
Phone: (613) 392-8995 x3039

The 8 Wing/CFB Trenton Yacht Club, our own unit of the Canadian Forces Sailing Association (CFSA), offers a full range of activities including dinghies, lessons, racing, yacht moorings and winter storage.

The principal aim of the club is to develop an interest in boating by encouraging as many people as possible to try the sport. Therefore, the emphasis is on community participation, fun and friendship at the lowest possible cost.

Summer Sailing School
The Yacht Club offers several programs for the whole family. No experience required.

Junior Sailing Course - designed for youngsters 9 through 15 with no previous experience.

Adult Keel Boat Crew Course - adults learn to be crew members on 20-30 foot keel boats for pleasure sailing and racing.

RCAF Trenton Power and Sail Squadron
The Power Squadron offers various boating courses.

Quinte SailAbility
Quinte SailAbility offers sail training to persons with a disability.

Canoe & Kayak Rentals:
Low cost canoe and kayak rentals are available June-October, to anyone with a valid public, non-public or Military ID card.  Deposit required.  All transactions in person by debit or credit card.