8 Wing Milestone

Dates Event Notes
JAN 17
WCWO 1 Jan  New Year’s Levee OMess, 1130-1300 hrs
WCOS 12-13 Jan  PM Visit  
WCOS 25 Jan 6 Hgr Ribbon cutting  
MFRC  21 Jan January Jubilee Batawa
WCWO 23 Jan CMBG visit  
WLEO 24 Jan Alert C of C  

FEB 17

WELO/WAdmin 1 Feb  Log Branch 48th Anniversary Astra Lounge
WOps 2 Feb Mess Dinner  
436 Sqn 3-5 Feb Pond Hockey Dinner and Tournament  Batawa Ski Hill
WCOS 8 Feb DGDS visit  
PSP 10 Feb  Sports Day in Batawa Batawa Community Centre
WCOS 13 Feb Pre-TRA visit  
WCOS 17 Feb French Staff visit  
ATESS 17 Feb Sports Day  
MFRC 25 Feb Winter Symposium  
MAR 17
 2 Mar
H & A
Astra lounge
436 Sqn 2 Mar Mess Dinner  
WLEO 8 Mar  International Women’s Day Astra Lounge
  21 Mar International day of Elimination of Racial discrimination Astra Lounge
  22 Mar WComd’s Coffee O Mess
WCOS 25 Mar RMC cadet visit 6 Hgr
WCWO 30 Mar Vimy Contingent at 8 Wing  
WCOS 30 Mar  RCAF Mess Dinner NAFMC
WCOS 30 Mar Leadership Forum AMTC
WCOS 30 Mar Pilot Classification Town Hall Astra Lounge
APR 17
WCWO 1 Apr Globe of Unity Ceremony RCAF Road Traffic Circle
WCOS 20 Apr AMAG WHQ Conf Room
WComd 26 Apr WComd’s Coffee O Mess
May 17      
PSP MAY Health and Wellness   
WCWO MAY Honours and Awards  
WGSO 7-13 MAY North American Occupational Safety and Health (NAOSH) Week  
CO 426 Sqn MAY Defence Aboriginal Awareness Day Behind O Mess
JUN 17      
WCOS 1 JUN RCAF HCol Visit  
WCOS 9 JUN Surf n Turf  
WENV JUN Environment Week OPI: Mr. Craig, W Env O
WCOS JUN Hwy of Heroes Ride  
PSP JUN 16th Annual Sports Awards Brkfst  
WHCOL JUN Executrek  
8AMS 23 JUN Camp Trillium Golf Tournament  
JULY 17      
WCOS  1 JULY Canada Day Festivities