CFone contest


As the CFMWS 20th Anniversary celebrations come to a close, Canadian Forces Morale and Welfare Services is launching one last activity – a contest entitled “Be one of a million!”  The purpose of the contest is to significantly grow the CFOne membership, by challenging cardholders to spread the word and refer other eligible community members. The goal is to encourage more eligible members to sign up and use their CFOne Cards to gain access to the tailored morale and welfare services and benefits available to them through the program. 

From March 1st to the 31st, 2017, all new registrants, as well as the people who refer them, will have a chance to win a prize valued at $7,000. Further information about the contest and prize will be posted at by March 1st.   

We are seeking your support to promote the contest within your Base/Wing/Unit by relaying the contest info to the Community you interact with, as well as displaying the marketing materials we will be providing.   By the end of February, posters will be distributed INCAN to display in a common high traffic area on your base/wing (e.g. gym, community centre, mess, etc.) from 27 Feb until the end of March. Downloadable posters and other promotional materials (e.g. web banners, presentation slides, infographics, etc.) will also be made available at (20th Anniversary toolkit) by the end of February.

Questions and queries regarding the contest and the CFOne card can be directed to Colin Bayne, Senior Manager, Membership Marketing at 613-697-1035 or by email at  

Thank you for your support.