Rocky's Adventures MFS(US) Traveling Ambassador

Rocky Clive Moulton goes by “Rocky”

A year ago, Rocky was just a regular teddy bear, looking sadly through the glass window of a toy shop in Victoria, Canada. He dreamt of a job where he could represent Canada around the world. One day, Tammy Kingston, the MFS(US) Outreach Coordinator, spotted him, and after interviewing him, offered him the volunteer position of MFS(US) Traveling Ambassador to the U.S.!

In 2019 Rocky began his journey to gather information about each state where CAF families are posted. He has found friends and family from British Columbia to Hawaii, California to New York, Georgia and Texas, and a few places in between! 
Would you be open to sharing a glimpse into your OUTCAN posting with Rocky, MFS(US) and the rest of our U.S. OUTCAN CAF families? Get all the information you need to request a visit from Rocky below!

Rocky does not discriminate! You can be a single member, a couple with no kids, a couple with 10 kids, and any other family makeup!

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