Military Family Services U.S. Advisory Committees Be the voice of your community!

Military Family Services (MFS) Advisory Committees
The Advisory Committee is established to provide support, input and advice to the Military Family Services Coordinator (MFSC) in fulfilling the framework of the Military Family Services Program (MFSP) in their respective communities in the United States. The MFSP mission is “To contribute to the well-being of Canadian Armed Forces families, enabling a mission-ready force that protects Canadians and Canadian interests across the country and around the world.”
MFSUS and the MFAC work together to ensure that the voice of families is heard and that programs and services offered to achieve the MFS framework are meeting the needs of CAF Families. We work together and share responsibility for the successful delivery of the MFSP. For Families By Families!

Military Family Advisory Committee (MFAC)
The Advisory Committee comprises an executive which includes a Chair, Vice-Chair and Secretary. It also has members at large, the MFSC and a representative of the Chain of Command, referred to as the Military Representative (Military Rep). There should be at least 3 voting members. At least 51% of the voting members of the Advisory Committee will be Canadian military family members to ensure the voice of families is prominent on the committee.

How to Become a Volunteer with the MFS Advisory Committee
  • CONTACT the MFS Coordinator for your state and indicate your interest.
  • Read the Military Family Services Program Parameters 4 Practice.
  • An information package will be provided, including our MFAC TERMS OF REFERENCE (TOR)
  • After reviewing the information package, interested individuals complete an Application Form where they are asked to briefly outline their interests and reasons for joining the MFSC Advisory Committee. APPLICATION FORM
  • Members are asked to provide basic personal information prior to assuming their responsibilities.