Capital Region
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Welcome to the Capital Region! D.C., Virginia, Pax River Maryland


Hampton Roads, Virginia

Pax River, Maryland

Military Family Services offers support, community connections, information, programs and services that enhance the well-being and resiliency of military families, and give those we serve the chance to experience life in the local community. We organize annual special events, personal development initiatives, family mentorship programs and opportunities to connect with other Canadians.  We also offer access to second language training, information on child care, and we promote national MFS programs as well.  

MFS Capital Region also provides information and referral to a multitude of local, state, national and Canadian specific resources.  Our weekly Newsletter is one example of how we connect CAF members and dependents to what is going on in their community and beyond.

We look forward to supporting you as you embark on this next chapter of military life!