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Welcome to Colorado! Canadian Military Family Services U.S. is here for you!

Located on Peterson Air Force Base, Military Family Services (MFS) supports Canadian military members, spouses and families who are posted to Colorado Springs, Denver and surrounding areas.

Working within the parameters of the official MFS mission, we offer information, opportunities, programs and services which enhance the quality of life of military families and that give those we serve the chance to experience life in the local community. For example, we organize and implement annual special events as well as a range of other activities like trips to local attractions, educational, health and personal development initiatives and age-specific programming for children, youth and adults.  We also offer access to second language training, information on child care and we promote and support other MFS programs as well.  

Further to this, MFS Colorado Springs also provides information and referral to a multitude of local, state, national and Canadian specific resources.  Our monthly Newsletter and Happenings are just two examples of how we connect CAF members and dependents to what is going on in their community and beyond.

Part of the Vandenberg Detachment? You have an extra support with an MFS Coordinator working directly on behalf of this specific detachment. Feel free to reach out to her at any time. 

We look forward to supporting you as you embark on this next chapter of military life!

Bienvenue aux États-Unis. En plus de tous les renseignements pertinents à l’échelle nationale que vous pouvez trouver sur notre site Web concernant votre poste à l’extérieur du Canada, vous pouvez également obtenir de l’information précise sur l’État et la communauté où vous vivrez.Trouvez votre lieu d’affectation ici et apprenez-en davantage sur les événements et activités au sein de votre communauté, obtenez les coordonnées du coordonnateur des Services aux familles des militaires (SFM), accédez aux foires aux questions, et bien plus. Pour le moment, nos pages Web propres à chaque lieu d’affectation ne sont disponibles qu’en anglais. Veuillez communiquer avec votre coordonnateur local des SFM si vous avez besoin de soutien en français.