Life in Colorado

Colorful Colorado

Colorado is located in the western United States and situated more than a mile above sea level at the foot of the Rocky Mountains. It's best known for its gorgeous landscapes, wildlife, and the variety of activities offered year around. If it takes place outdoors, its popular in this state! Whether you enjoy hiking, skiing, golfing, or even just unwinding amidst nature, it’s pretty hard to run out of things to do in “Colorful Colorado”.

Local Websites
Colorado - Offical State Website 
Colorado Tourism 
Visit Colorado Springs 
Visit Aurora
Denver - The Mile High City

Local US Bases Installations 
Accessible to those with CAC or Dependent ID Cards.
Peterson Air Force Base - 21st FSS
U.S. Air Force Academy - 10 FSS
Buckley Air Force Base - 460 FSS
Check out these websites for information about the various programs and services available to you during your OutCan posting. If you are turned away from any base programs or services, please contact MFS Colorado.

Military One Source Resources
Peterson AFBBuckley AFB

Community Recommendations
When in doubt, reach out! Your CAF Colorado Community has some great advice and recommendations to offer. As a starting point, here are some Provider Recommendations collected from fellow community members over the years.

Note that the majority of our families are posted to Peterson AFB (Colorado Springs, CO) with a handful of families posted to Buckley AFB (Aurora, CO). MFS Colorado is based out of Colorado Springs but we try our best to collect information relevant to Aurora families when possible. Contact MFS Colorado for more information.

  • Relocation Information

    Information for your house hunting trip and the different things to consider.

  • Child Care

    Daycares, youth centres, babysitters and more options in the area.

  • Education

    Districts, resources, and things to be aware of.

  • Employment

    Resources and services available to you throughout your employment endeavours.

  • Healthcare

    Tips for navigating the US healthcare system and options available to you.

  • Aware & Prepared

    Natural disasters, shift work, deployments and how you can prepare.