Aware & Prepared

Aware & Prepared


With the entire state being a mile or more above sea level, the altitude can take some adjustment. For the first couple of months some people may find they lose their breath with little exertion. Other common symptoms include frequent nose bleeds, dry skin, and headaches. It’s important to give yourself time to acclimate and drink plenty of water.

Weather & Natural Disasters 

As in most places, Springtime is the most unpredictable. This is the time of year we begin to experience brief, sometimes unexpected, afternoon hail or thunderstorms. As for our winters, we don’t see too much snow in a season and whatever we do get tends to melt just as quickly as it got here.

Natural disasters that are often seen in the mountainous regions of the state are forest fires, flash flooding, and avalanches.

Situational Awareness - Colorado Department of Public Health & Environment