Colorado Living FAQs Frequently Asked Questions by CAF families posted to Colorado

Q: What is the time zone in Colorado?
A: Colorado is located in the Mountain Time Zone (MT) which is the same time zone for Canadian locations like Edmonton and Calgary.   For more detailed information please click here.

Q: What is the climate like in Colorado?
A: The climate can vary depending on where you find yourself in this beautiful state but it is safe to say that it is semi-arid and hence, very very dry! Lip balm, hand lotion, a water bottle and a humidifier are all important items to have on hand. 

Winters can range from mild to moderately cold and the summer months can be quite hot. There is always the chance of a tornado or earthquake but the most frequent (and deadly) natural phenomenon is actually lightening! There are over 500,000 cloud to ground lighening strikes per year in Colorado. This state is also renowned for its abundance of sunshine. In fact Colorado Springs averages 243 days of sun per year so don't forget your sunglasses and sunscreen!

The weather can also be quite variable.  As we often say "give it 5 minutes and the weather will change!". Bring a change of clothes, dress in layers and be prepared is the best advice to follow when living and playing in Colorado.

Q: What about the high altitude in Colorado?
A: High altitude is definitely a factor to consider when living in Colorado. Just to put it in perspective - Denver is named the Mile High City because it is exactly 1 mile above sea level while Colorado Springs is over 6000 feet! So the effects of altitude can be felt by many and include dizziness, nauseau, headaches and shortness of breath.  

The key to adjusting well includes keeping hydrated, giving your body the chance to acclimatize and not overdoing the exercise or exertion upon your arrival to Colorado.  

Q: What is life like in Colorado?
A: In 2016, Denver was ranked as the best place to live in the United States while Colorado Springs ranked fifth.  These statistics say a lot about what Colorado has to offer those living and visiting the "Centennial State" and so the biggest challenge for Canadians posted to Colorado is finding enough time to do everything on their bucket list! 

For example, if you are an outdoor enthusiast you could indulge in pursuits like skiing, fishing, snowshoeing, hiking, zip-lining, biking, camping and golfing.  For those that want to head indoors, you have your pick of museums, restaurants, shopping, indoor water parks and the list goes on!

The cultural scene is also thriving in Colorado.  For example, both Denver and Colorado Springs offer theater, visual arts, music, dance, local special events, history and heritage just to name a few!

And for the ultimate sports fan.....you have your pick from five professional teams like the Denver Broncos (NFL) and the Avalanche (NHL) and the opportunity to support a host of other semi-professional and local sports as well.

Colorado really does has something for everyone! Enjoy!