Spousal (Family) Sponsor Program

Connecting Families with what Matters Promoting Integration and Building Connections

Family Sponsors are members of the community who help newcomers settle in their new location. They are a friendly point of contact and can help you find information to ease your transition into your new community. This peer-to-peer support has helped many families over the past to be more informed and better supported during their transition in the Colorado community. 

We have a team of 7 volunteers who are ready to help you!

Concretely these families will:

  • Establish a connection with a community member before their move. 
  • Obtain information on available resources and services.
  • Facilitate a smoother posting through early contact and information sharing.
  • Get to know other members of the community. 

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If you would like to have a sponsor assigned to your family, please contact:
Danielle Valmera Michaud
☎ 719-374-2005
✉ mfs.coloradosprings@cfmws.com

How is this program different than the military Sponsor?

This Program is not a replacement for military sponsor initiatives currently in place. The Spousal-Family Sponsor Program is about families connecting with other families.​