Tips and Tricks

Tips, Tricks and Tidbits From Eh to Zed!

Here are just a few things to keep in mind when visiting, living or playing in Colorado!

Altitude – new arrivals should allow time for their bodies to adjust to the elevation. Don’t forget to drink plenty of water

Baking – not all recipes will work with the Colorado altitude and so adjustments will need to be made
Boiling – water evaporates extremely fast while boiling foods in this dry climate. You may end up with a few scorched pots in the beginning!

The Climate is very dry. Don’t forget moisturizer, hand lotion and lip balm

Duty Free -  there is a shop at the CFSU (CS) in Colorado Springs

Enjoy all that Colorado has to offer!

Foods – several foods do not taste the same even if the same name brand

Golf balls will go further so watch that swing!

Hiking – lots of great trails to explore and there are also lots of local hiking groups that you can join

Incline – you should do it at least once while you are here

Just ask – many restaurants and retailers give military discounts so don’t forget to bring your military ID card

Keurig – it’s the way to go when you want a coffee at home or at work!

Limit your alcohol intake – one martini may have the effect of two especially at the beginning of your stay

Medications – not all over the counter medications that you can get in Canada are available here

Newspapers – a great resource to find out about restaurants, upcoming special events and activities for all ages

Oxygen – Colorado Springs has only 2/3 of oxygen found at sea level so take it easy until you’ve become acclimatized.  And with Denver being called the Mile High City, altitude is also a significant factor there too!

Pack – for all types of weather.  Be prepared!

Questions – the only way to find out is to ask!

Red – Colorado is of Spanish origin meaning “colored red” in reference to the red sandstone soil of the region

Snow – Colorado Springs and Denver do not get much but be prepared for potential delays with school and work
Sun – BEWARE! You can burn on a hazy day since the clear, thin mountain air transmits more of the sun’s ultraviolet rays
Sickness (Altitude) – beware of common ailments during the first few weeks in Colorado like headaches, light headedness, shortness of breath and tiredness. Remember to drink lots of water!

Tennis balls go higher
Tune-up your vehicle ASAP upon arrival due to the thin air
Tim Horton’s doesn’t exist so bring your own

Utilities can be provided by one local company depending on where you live in Colorado

Volunteer – many opportunities exist within the Colorado Springs and Denver area to give back and to help those in need.  Lend a hand to MFS as well!

Wildlife is everywhere.  Besides the common skunks and racoons, don’t be surprised to see bears, coyotes, deer, mountain lions and snakes

Water – drink lots as it helps combat the altitude sickness and dry air

X marks the spot!  Grab a trail map and get outside to explore all that Colorado has to offer the outdoor enthusiast!

Youth can get their learner's permit at the age of 15

ZZZZZs – there is so much to do in Colorado that you will need a good night’s sleep!