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Welcome Newcomers!
Welcome to the D.C., Maryland and Virginia Region" Recording For Our Newcomers! 

Please Note:  The information on this page has been published strictly for the purpose of sharing information.  It is up to the CAF member and his/her dependents to research and vet any information as details, processes/procedures, costs and availability is subject to change.  The list of resources and links included in this document is NOT a complete overview of all that the D.M.V. has to offer.

Helpful Information For Your House Hunting Trip
House Hunting Trip Guide (includes community info throughout D.C., Maryland and Virginia, family feedback and recommendations, rental-search resources, etc.)
D.C Community Information
Fort Meade Community Information 
Norfolk Community Information

Education/U.S. School Report in our Region
Education Report

Navigating the U.S. Medical System for CAF Dependents
Recording by CDLS(W) Health Admin Officer 

What is it Like to Work at the Embassy?

Mission Report

Every Link You'll Need for Living in the D.C., and Virginia Area!
CLICK HERE for your "go-to" Important Local Links document (including everything from U.S. Medical Treatment Facility Contacts and counseling services to U.S. Base Morale and Welfare Services contacts).