Local MFS Programs

Local MFS Programs & Events Connecting you to your community

Military Family Services Tyndall works hard to connect our families with the programs and services they need to have a successful OUTCAN posting. Our goal is to help achieve the best possible outcomes for our families through a variety of local offerings in order to create a strong and resilient community.

Some of the programs offered through MFS Tyndall include:
  • Community coffee mornings
  • Children's events and activities
  • Health & Wellness events and activities
  • Welcome and orientation programs for new families
  • Spouse employment seminars and referrals
  • Child care referrals
  • Second language programs
  • Education assistance referrals
  • Canadian culture celebrations
  • Advisory Committee
If you would like more information on how your local MFS office can help you have a successful OUTCAN posting, please EMAIL YOUR MFSC or (850) 814-9309.