Before Moving to Hawaii

Before Moving to Hawaii

Bringing your pets to Hawaii
*Strongly recommended to start the process as early as possible!
The State of Hawaii is a rabies-free environment with strict regulations on the importation of cats and dogs. Pet owners must consult the State of Hawaii Animal Industry Division for importation guidelines and begin the process as soon as possible.

Animal Quarantine Information Page

In addition, many landlords in Hawaii will be reluctant to rent their property to pet owners (regardless of the type of pet); bringing a pet to Oahu will greatly reduce the available rental accommodations.

To help you see what is available in rental units around Oahu, here are some popular websites to browse.
Automated Housing Referral Network
Craigslist Oahu
Military by Owner

Rental properties do not last long on the market and therefore, will most likely not be available when you come on your House Hunting Trip. Accommodations that are competitively priced, well maintained, offering amenities, and desirable in location/design will typically be rented in less than two weeks.

Do not attempt to book home viewings until you arrive on your HHT (unless you are working with an agent and they take care of this for you). Rental agents / landlords / owners normally will not work with an individual until they are physically on island.

Driver’s License
Canadian Provincial Driver's Licenses are recognized in Hawaii for the duration they are valid. You can renew your Provincial Driver's License and obtain a Driver’s Record prior to departing Canada. You may also exchange your Driver's License for a Hawaii Driver's License after obtaining a SSN (Social Security Number) and completing a knowledge test.

FAQs about Driver's License in Hawaii State