Life on the island

Life on the island Useful links to make your life easier

Hawaii Hurricane Season
From June through November, especially from July through September. It is best to be prepared and have an emergency kit ready.
Suggested Hurricane Supply Kits

Interesting Attractions on the island

Farmers Markets on Oahu
Find your local farmers market here and here

Base libraries and the Hawaii State Public Library Card

There are base libraries that you have access to and can obtain library privileges, through your sponsor's name (the CAF member) if you are a spouse/dependent.

In addition, with your U.S. Military or Dependent ID Cards, you can obtain a library card for free.
Download, print, and complete the Library Card Application.
Bring the completed application and proper identification to any one branch of the Hawaii State Public Library System.

Other useful information:
You will find guides and brochures about local information and services, as well as snorkelling spots and other topics, on the private Life in Hawaii Facebook page. You  can have access to once you receive your posting message. Contact the Hawaii MFS Coordinator by email to be added.