Canadian Military Families Schools Review
To help families find a public school on Oahu, some research was completed by volunteers in our Canadian Ohana. Contact us to receive a copy of the document or to get in contact with someone with similar aged children.

Department of Education
The Hawaii State Department of Education (DOE) is a good reference that provides specific information on the unique requirements for education in Hawaii.

How to Enroll

School Districts
O'ahu is comprised of four districts — Honolulu, Windward, Central and Leeward — with nine complex areas, each with two or three complexes. A complex is a high school plus the regional elementary and middle schools that feed into it.

To see the map of the different schools districts, visit the Hawaii DOE map website. 

When searching for rental accommodations, you may wish to determine if your child(ren) will change schools during your tour, as the Elementary, Middle and High schools may not be co-located.

Since the 2014-2015 school year, children must be five years of age on or before July 31 of the school year to enter kindergarten. For younger children, there are some options through PreK programs in some schools as well private pre-schools .More information is available at Kindergarten FAQs and PreK Options.

As a Canadian Military Family, you child may be eligible to receive educational compensation and benefits entitlements. Please refer to the CEM Foreign Service Directive or contact your CEM Guidance Counselor.
Last name beginning with letter A to K ​Andrea Smith​ ​613-943-4302
Last name beginning with letter L to Z Alisa Hanrahan 613-323-2780
School Calendars
You will also find that some schools (for example: Kapolei Elementary & Middle School) operate on a multi-track system. This means year-round schooling of approximately 9 weeks of school followed by approximately 3 weeks off. This cycle will repeat itself throughout the year.
2020/2021 Official Multi-track School Calendar
2020/2021 Official School Calendar

School normally starts in Hawaii in late-July or August, which will need to be considered with respect to your Change of Strength (COS) and move times. Expect that you will likely still be in hotels when school starts, so be prepared for this in your planning.

Health Regulations
The DOE requires that students entering Hawaii schools for the first time complete the following, before admission to school:
  • Physical examination within one year*;
  • Tuberculosis skin test*, or chest X-ray completed within one year prior to school;
  • Polio immunizations, four or five doses provided last dose was given after age three;
  • Measles, mumps and rubella (MMR) immunizations;
  • Immunization for Chicken Pox regardless if the child(ren) have had Chicken Pox;
  • Hepatitis B immunization (Parents may find it easier to begin this regime here in Hawaii); and
  • Diphtheria and Tetanus immunizations, including basic series of three doses and two boosters.
*Must be performed by a U.S. licensed MD, DO, ND, APRN or PA. These tests can all be done at the U.S. medical facility once you have been checked in to their system.

The law allows 90 days to complete all health requirements, except for the tuberculin test. A signed statement from a doctor must be provided to the school proving that the student is in the process of completing health requirements. Incoming members must be in possession of all medical and dental records for their dependants when they arrive.

7th grade physical exam - Beginning with School Year 2017-18, all 7th graders must complete a physical examination, by a local physician, pursuant to state law within one year prior to entering the grade. It is important that families plan ahead and schedule appointments early to ensure their child's physical exam is completed in a timely manner before the new school year begins. 

School Bus
The DOE provides bus service in some neighborhoods around the islands but this is not widely available. Learn more about price, eligibility, free bus pass information, and download ridership application forms.
Riding the Bus