Rome NY

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Welcome to Rome

Canadian Military Family Services U.S. (MFSUS) is excited to welcome you "Home to Rome" and to the beautiful state of New York! You will find picturesque views, exciting adventures and a strong Canadian military family community here.

The Military Family Services Coordinator (MFSC) with the support of the Detachment Commander, provide the Canadian Armed Forces community with resources of support and information which promotes the health, well-being and quality of life for Canadians in Rome.

This support is focused on the family members of serving CAF personnel and CAF members. Our support model is inclusive of the entire CAF community. 

The MFSC strives to keep the community informed (newsletters, newcomer welcome services, emails), to educate Eastern Air Defense Sector (EADS) about the Canadian community and what we do, and to become familiar with the local community services in order to be able to refer any military or family member to appropriate assistance/service should the need arise. Also under the MFSC’s umbrella are other programs and services that are uniquely Canadian in nature. Just to name a few, coordinated under this office we offer a weekly community coffee/fitness morning, tots/kids group, spouses craft n coffees, monthly family activities and adult only events. It is our mission to support the entire CAF community while being posted outside Canada.