Rome NY

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Welcome to Rome

Welcome to Rome Sweet Home!
About the local area:
Rome, New York is located in the foothills of the Adirondack Mountains, in Central New York’s Mohawk Valley.  The area is full of history, full of amazing outdoor recreation opportunities, an easy drive to several major US cities, and still so close to Canada.   
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About the Canadian Detachment:
The Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) have been contributing to the North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) mission at the Eastern Air Defense Sector (EADS) since 1994.  When Griffiss AFB in Rome closed in 1995, two US Air Force activities remained in the area -- EADS, operated by the New York Air National Guard, and the Rome Research Site of the Air Force Research Laboratory.  Today, 15 CAF members work at EADS.  The local military and business communities are extremely welcoming of the Canadian Det, and even fly the Canadian flag. 

About the Military Family Services Program (MFSP) in Rome:
In Canada, the MFSP is delivered by Military Family Resource Centres.  For CAF families posted OUTCAN in the US, the MFSP is delivered directly by Military Family Services US.  National and virtual programs are available to everyone, and 12 locations have on-site Military Family Services Coordinators (MFSCs) to help provide programs and support.  Rome is fortunate to have a local MFSC, as well as access to a facility that includes the Beaver Den mess, a conference room, a play room for children, a kitchen, comfy couches, and an office.  MFSP funding is provided for information and education/awareness, referral and support/services, and intervention programs.  In Rome, funding reflects the lack of access to US installation services that Canadians on other OUTCAN bases often enjoy.
The MFSC, with the support of the Detachment Commander and the volunteer Advisory Committee, provide CAF families with resources to improve their health, well-being, and quality of life.  The MFSC strives to keep the community informed through newsletters, personal outreach, and the private Canadian Det facebook page.  The MFSC also works to build partnerships in the local community, educate the local community about the CAF, and become familiar with local support services in order to refer CAF members and their families to appropriate assistance if needed.

Please contact the Military Family Services Coordinator as soon as you start the screening process. We look forward to helping you make the most of your OUTCAN posting in Rome!