Rome Living FAQs Frequently Asked Questions by CAF families posted to Rome

Q. What is the temperature like during the winter months? 
A. You will find that the temperature is very similar to central Canadian Winters because we are geographically located very close to the Canadian Border.  Expect a lot of heavy wet snow in the months of Jan, Feb and Mar.  
Check out the local weather information HERE

Q. What time zone is Rome NY in?
A. Rome NY falls under Eastern Stardard Time. If you are moving from Ontario or Quebec you will be staying in the same time zone. 

Q. Are there any natural disaster threats in Rome?
A. Rome is not prone to many persistant natural disasters however, this area is affected by lake effect snow storms and in the summer can be affected by severe thunderstorms. There have been flood warnings due to a severe amount of rainfall in a short period of time.

Q. Are there programs and activities offered to children within the greater Rome community?
 The Rome community offers an abundance of programs for school aged children. Some of which include Hockey leagues, Soccer leagues, Baseball Leagues, Dance programs, Football leagues, Martial Arts and many more. 

Q. Are there any programs or activities offered to small children that are not quite school aged?
The local library offers a few programs geared towards younger children. There are also a few faith based mom and tots groups you can take part in. Programming for small children is not as comprehensive as you may be used to in Canada. The MFS team has developed a Moms and Tots program to ensure your family has the opportunity to build bonds with your young children and the other Canadians in the community. 

Q. How easy is it for kids to access French education in Rome?
A. Rome is mostly an English speaking State. French is not prominent and therefore accessing French Second Language Training can be challenging. For kids you will find private tutors are limited, however families have found tutors to maintain french speaking education.  Also the MFS provides french training in the form of Rosetta Stone.

Q. How does the education system compare to Canada?
A. In New York State they use the Common Core Learning System. You may find that this differs from the education your child has been receiving in Canada. Click HERE for more information on the Common Core curriculum. 

Q: How easy is it to find work there?
 Many professionals find licensing somewhat lengthy and challenging in the U.S., and some have chosen not to work or to work in another field. You will need to obtain an Employment Authorization Document in order to be eligible to work. The Canadian Detachment as well as your MFS team can assist you with this process. It is best to start the process of getting your E.A.D. as soon as possible.

Q. What do people do for fun on their time off?
A. Rome and the surrounding communities offer many opportunities for fun. The Leatherstocking Region (Rome area) and Finger lakes region offers up countless hiking trails that boast beautiful waterfalls and gorges. There are many golf courses in and around the city, Woods Valley Ski area, many rivers and lakes to go fishing, movie theatre and a great area for antique shopping.  Also there is a state of the art Casino and spa (Turning Stone) just a few miles away.  Syracuse is a short drive from Rome and offers state of the art shopping centers, Destiny Mall, New York State Fair Grounds, Syracuse Sports teams,both College and Semi-pro, and many artists stop in Syracuse for concerts.  New Hartford is a short drive from Rome and offers a wide range of shopping from stores such as Best Buy, Target, Hobby Lobby, Micheals, TJ Maxx, Pet Smart etc.  Rome is a 4.5 hr drive to New York City, Boston and New Jersey.  Also if you're wanting to head back to Canada Kingston is a 2.5 hr drive, Ottawa is a 3 hr drive and Toronto/Niagara Falls is a 4.5 hr drive.  

Q. How easy is it to find a rental property? 
A. There is a very low inventory of houses for rent; HHTs can be very stressful and challenging. As soon as you receive your posting message you should contact your MFRC and/or the unit for more details. 
Many families live in:
-The City of Rome (8 km to work)
-Lee town Center (17 km to work)
-New Hartford (25 km to work)
-Whitesboro (20 km to work)
-Verona (20.5 km to work)
-Clinton (24.5 km to work)
-Utica (25 km to work)

If you have any other questions not addressed above feel free to CONTACT US