North Dakota
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Welcome to North Dakota!

Welcome to the US and welcome to Canadian Space Detachment Vandenberg! Being attached to this DET is unique as we have members and families located in 8 different geographic locations! Our community spreads from Clear, Alaska, to Thule, Greenland and in between we have members and families in Beale, CA, Vandenberg, CA, Colorado Springs, CO, Denver, CO, Cavalier, ND, and Cape Cod, MA.

This 31 member DET is supported by your Military Family Services Coordinator (MFSC), based out of Vandenberg, California with MFS support on the ground in Colorado and additional support and programming provided from MFSUS on a National level. Your MFSC is dedicated to ensuring you feel supported at all times during your OUTCAN posting, providing information and referrals as well as virtual support (i.e. via WebEx) and one on one conversations via phone or in person, so you have someone there to answer your questions, feel connected to and lean on when times might be challenging. The goal of MFSUS and your MFSC is to ensure you have the knowledge needed for a rewarding and positive OUTCAN experience.

Military Family Services U.S. (MFSUS), a division of Canadian Forces Morale and Welfare Services, welcomes you to California. There are over 650 Canadian Armed Forces families across 37 states. Many of these families are stationed at U.S. bases as a part of a larger Canadian Detachment. However, there are some of you who are the only Canadian families in a particular location.
MFSUS knows you are out there and we want to provide you with as many opportunities to stay connected with other Canadian families living in the United States as possible, as well as keeping you informed on important topics and supported in your location.
National supports, services, events and information can be found in the top navigation toolbar. And while there may not be MFSUS staff posted in your specific location, an MFS Coordinator is available to you and your family as your MFS point of contact for information and referral during your OUTCAN posting.
(Accessible to CAF members and dependents with U.S. Military or Dependent ID cards)

If you are looking for more information about the U.S. base that is closest to you, including what programs and services they offer to Canadian Military Families during a posting, check out mybaseguide and locate your nearest base. Your U.S. military and dependent ID cards allow you access to most of their resources. If you are turned away from any base services please contact your MFS Coordinator.

Bienvenue aux États-Unis. En plus de tous les renseignements pertinents à l’échelle nationale que vous pouvez trouver sur notre site Web concernant votre poste à l’extérieur du Canada, vous pouvez également obtenir de l’information précise sur l’État et la communauté où vous vivrez.Trouvez votre lieu d’affectation ici et apprenez-en davantage sur les événements et activités au sein de votre communauté, obtenez les coordonnées du coordonnateur des Services aux familles des militaires (SFM), accédez aux foires aux questions, et bien plus. Pour le moment, nos pages Web propres à chaque lieu d’affectation ne sont disponibles qu’en anglais. Veuillez communiquer avec votre coordonnateur local des SFM si vous avez besoin de soutien en français.