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Welcome to Oklahoma! Canadian Military Family Services U.S. is here for you

The Canadian Armed Forces currently have members serving at Tinker Air Force Base, Fort Sill Army Base and Oklahoma City. The majority of our CAF families are posted to Tinker AFB, and that is where our Military Family Services Coordinator (MFSC) is located as well. However, we offer support to, and all events are open to all CAF families in Oklahoma.

Tinker AFB is located in Oklahoma City.  OKC is the capital and largest city in the state of Oklahoma.  The city is situated in the middle of an oil field and the OKC capital building is the only state capital in the world that has been surrounded by working oil wells.   

Built in 1941, Tinker AFB is the largest military air depot in the US.  The base employs more than 26,000 military and civilian employees and is made up of over 5000 acres and more than 700 buildings.  Tinker AFB is comparable to a city with a population of 30,000.

​Fort Sill, Oklahoma is a United States Army post north of Lawton, Oklahoma, about 85 miles southwest of Oklahoma City.  Fort Sill is one of the four locations for Army Basic Combat Training.