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Choosing the right school for your child is an important factor in a successful start in a new location. Schooling in Oklahoma is based upon where you live, so choosing the right neighbourhood for your schooling needs is key. There are many factors to consider when choosing a school, so please take some time to research what works for your family.
Some Major Differences from Schooling in Canada
School Calendar:
The typical school year in Oklahoma runs from mid-August until the end of May. Families should confirm specific dates based on the school division in which they enroll.
School Age for Kindergarten:
Children who are age five on or before September 1 are eligible for the public school Kindergarten program. Full-day Kindergarten is currently offered in every school district in Oklahoma (some exceptions apply). If you have a child who would be eligible for Kindergarten in Canada, but they do not meet the eligibility criteria for Oklahoma, there are potentially ways to have them enrolled in a private school. If you are in this situation, your local MFSC or Children’s Education Management can help. Have questions concerning reimbursement for junior kindergarten / kindergarten by CEM?
Please see FSD 34.1.1
School Nutrition Programs:
School Divisions throughout Oklahoma run school nutrition programs for students at all levels. Students can purchase breakfasts and lunches through the school for a very reasonable price.
School Division Information
There are many school divisions throughout the greater OKC area. The following information is for the three main divisions in which our children have been enrolled over the last number of years. There are also private schooling options for those families interested in a Catholic School experience. Information on private schooling must be researched by individual school.
Edmond Public Schools (EPS)
EPS Home
General Enrollment K-12 
Division Calendar
Note: Students in grades K-8 who live within the EPS boundaries and reside one mile or more from their schools are eligible for district transportation services. Students in Grades 9-12 who live within the EPS boundaries and reside one and one-half miles or more from their schools are eligible for district transportation. 
Deer Creek Public Schools (DCPS)
New Student Enrollment
Division Calendar 
Moore Public Schools
Moore Public Schools Home
Enrollment Information 
Division Calendar 
Private Schools
There are a number of private school options throughout the area that families may consider. Please see Children’s Education Management for information on eligibility.
CEM Website Information

Listing of private schools:
Private School Review
Charter Schools
Charter schools are public schools that operate with freedom from many local and state regulations that apply to traditional public schools and are run by a private board. Charter schools may include grades K-12 or any combination and can have specialized areas, such as music or technology. They are free as they receive funding through the state but slots for students are limited. 
Current Charter Schools
Instruct at Home/Homeschool
 If you are interested in a homeschool program for your child, you will have the option of choosing between an Oklahoma-based curriculum or a Canadian curriculum. Please do your research and contact your CEM counselor before registration.
CEM Website Information

Post-Secondary Education
Applying to Post-Secondary Education FAQ 
 Helpful Resources
 Children’s Education Management 
Children’s Education Management FAQs
Oklahoma State Department of Education 
Oklahoma State Department of Education; Home Schooling
Tinker School Liaison Officer 
School Ratings:
Great Schools 
Niche, Best Schools
Niche, Best School Districts