Healthcare Tips for navigating the U.S. healthcare system and options available to you.

CAF members and their dependents have medical coverage under the Public Service Health Care Plan (PSHCP) while OutCan.
  • Medical Insurance – SunLife via Allianz Global Assistance
  • Dental Insurance – Canada Life
Before heading OUTCAN, members must ensure to visit their outgoing Orderly Room to increase their coverage to PSHCP Level III – Comprehensive Coverage and submit a Positive Enrollment Form via SunLife.

CAF members will receive all medical and dental treatment at the Medical Treatment Facility (MTF) at Tinker AFB, unless referred elsewhere or in the case of an emergency.
Dependents can choose medical care at the MTF or at a civilian provider on the economy.  Dependents must receive dental care via a civilian provider on the economy.
Local Canadian recommendations for medical and dental healthcare via civilian facilities are available. Please reach out to MFS Tinker for this list.
Helpful Resources
72nd Medical Group, Tinker Air Force Base Clinic
OUTCAN USA Medical Support Information Page