Relocation Information Information for your house hunting trip and things to consider.

 Tinker AFB is located in the Greater Oklahoma City area, closest to Midwest City. The greater metro area is large and made up of many smaller cities surrounded by numerous suburbs. While many of our individual members live within Oklahoma City (OKC), the majority of our couples and families choose to live in one of the suburbs. No matter what you are looking for, as an individual or a family, you will find many great options from which to choose.
Whether you are conducting an in-person or a virtual House Hunting Trip (HHT), there are some great tips to help you find the right fit for your needs and lifestyle.

1. Get Informed
Familiarize yourself with your Tinker Welcome Book. You should have received an electronic copy of this from the Orderly Room – didn’t receive it? Let us know…we can help. Have you checked out the Life in Oklahoma recording? It has great information about the local area, including a quick guide to where our community members are living.

2. Consider Your Ideal Location
What does your ideal location look like? What are you looking for? Some ideas of what you may want to consider:
  • Distance to and from the base (work)
  • Distance to Interstate if looking to live outside the city
  • Schooling
  • Child Care availability
  • Community / neighbourhood amenities (close to shopping, community pool, community gym, etc.)
  • Do you want to be close to other Canadians? Or are you okay with a bit of a drive?
3. Find a Realtor  
It sometimes helps to work with a Realtor to help you find the perfect fit.If you need local recommendations, reach out. We have some community recommendations that other families have used successfully. A Realtor will also be able to do the extra work that you may not have the time to invest. They will also be able to work with you to help find what you are looking for and have realistic feedback on the communities / neighbourhoods.

4. Join the MFS Family Sponsor Program
Family sponsors are current community members who volunteer to help incoming families during their transition to the new location. This peer-to-peer support program offers incoming families support before, during and after the move ­– these volunteers can help you find information, be a friendly first point of contact, and help ease the transition into the new community. For more information or to sign up for this program, please email MFS Tinker.

5. Reach Out
We all have questions when embarking on a new journey! Feel free to reach out.  Your MFS Team Member, Chain of Command, Family Sponsor, and general community are all here to help you feel supported. Have you joined our local Facebook group?  This is a great place to ask questions and get feedback from the community. If you have not joined, please email MFS Tinker to find out how!

6. Start hunting!
A great place to start looking at homes is with the help of these great websites:
Zillow Home Search 
Military by Owner
Fidelity Real Estate Brokers
  • For the Canadian Detachment Tinker’s Digitized Housing Book – reach out to the local Orderly Room.
  • For individual realtor information popular in the community, reach out to the local Orderly Room or MFS Tinker
The journey starts today! Your belongings are packed and on the truck; you are on your way to your new home. Have questions along the way…reach out to MFS Tinker!
Welcome to Oklahoma! Upon your arrival, a welcome package will be awaiting you at the Canadian Detachment. This will include items such as: a printed copy of the tinker Welcome Book and MFS(US) Family Guide, Oklahoma Tourism brochures, etc.
Things to consider: hotel stay, child care, pet care, military sponsor meeting at base, base access, etc. Shortly after arrival of all members and families, the Canadian Detachment and MFS Tinker will host a Right Start Brief and a Welcome Event (COVID-dependent) to welcome you (and your family) into the community and get you started on the right path.
A great time to connect – with people and resources.  The first few weeks are busy and exciting. It’s a great time to make early connections – set a time to meet with your MFSC, your family sponsor, your military sponsor, etc. Get comfortable with the area and the amenities in your neighbourhood. Take some time to go through your Welcome Package, check out the local recommendations, etc. Looking for resources? Check in with your community through our local Facebook page or MFS Tinker. The Canadian Detachment and MFS Tinker strive to provide a number of activities for members and families to connect with the community (COVID dependent). Activities typically may include: TGIT’s, coffee mornings, monthly spousal socials, and much more! Take advantage of these opportunities to get to know your local community members. Stay tuned for details!
As you settle into the community there are a few things to help the experience go smoothly. Prepare yourself for commutes, learn the easiest routes to the places you will go most frequently (groceries, pharmacy, schools, day cares, etc). Are you a Spouse that will be considering work? It’s a great time to reach out to your local MFS Team Member and discuss the process of obtaining your Employment Authorization Document (EAD). Do you have a language barrier? Have you considered language training? Your local MFS Team Member can help you with any of these things as you settle into your new community.
Engage in your new community! Reach out, make connections, and develop relationships.  Get involved in your local community and make the most out of this amazing posting!