Arkansas CAF Community Important Local Links

Little Rock Air Force Base Website
This website has information about what the base itself has to offer, from family days on the base, military housing if people are interested, and there is a link under the HOME tab called "rockin at the rock" which shows a great video of things offered on the base.  The direct link for the video can be found: HERE
And it is recommended viewing for newcomers.
City and City School District Info

Jacksonville - where the base is located:
Jacksonville North Pulaski School District
Cabot - North of the base and furthest from downtown Little Rock:
Cabot Public School Disrict
Sherwood - about ten minutes south of the base:
Pulaski County Special School Disrict
North Little Rock - about fifteen minutes south of the base:
North Little Rock School District
Little Rock - about twenty to thirty minutes drive to base, and considered to have the best public schools:
Little Rock School District
Ways to compare school districts and public schools:
Great Schools
School Digger
Private Schools:
Pulaski Academy PK, K-12 
The Anthony School PK - 8  
Montessori Schools - there are several of these in the Little Rock surrounding area. Google Search will provide the full list.