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Access to Fort Hood is controlled but still possible without DoD identification. The Marvin Leath Visitor Center is outside the Bernie Beck Main Gate. With proper identification, the visitor centre will issue visitor passes so you can visit your new place of work, visit a museum or restaurant on post, or look at base housing.

Fort Hood is located in Central Texas, between Austin & Dallas-Fort Worth. The I35 runs from Mexico to Minnesota and is a main route through Texas, connecting the well-known cities of Dallas, Waco, Austin, San Antonio. Fort Hood is located 25 miles west of the I35 on I14.
Killeen is located outside Fort Hood.
Harker Heights, Nolanville and Belton are east of Fort Hood (towards I35).
Copperas Cove, Kempner and Lampasas are to the west of Fort Hood.
Salado is located along I35.
Georgetown is 40 miles south of Fort Hood.
Temple is on I35, 30 miles from Fort Hood
Fort Hood personnel live in all these and other surrounding communities.

Weather in Central Texas is hot in the summer (highs ~100F) and with short mild winters (lows around 32F, but highs around 50F). Heavy rain and thunderstorms are common in the spring, and rain/flooding/high water warnings should be taken seriously.

Military Spouses Club
The Fort Hood Spouses Club is open to all spouses.
In addition to big events, the FHSC offers “sub clubs” to match the interests of members. There is a hiking club, winery club, book club, movie club, fitness club, luncheon club. Check them out HERE.

Finding a House
*There is plenty of rental housing available in the Fort Hood area.
*Rents tend to be lower close to Fort Hood.
*Many rental companies have online appointment booking through their websites, or through a website like Zillow. If you contact an agent, they will show you properties listed by their company.
*Zillow and Trulia are online resources that consolidate listings from various rental management companies.
*If you have a pet and the listing says “no pets” always ask if your pet might be allowed. Landlords may be flexible depending on the animal.
*Listings are often posted for houses available in the future. You may not be able to view a house if it is still occupied, even if the availability date fits your needs.

Check out the following websites for housing options:
Military By Owner
Housing on Fort Hood - Family housing on Fort Hood is newer and more modern than base housing in Canada.

Military Housing Website has photos, floor plans and amenities that are part of living on post.
Local rental management companies include:
Real Star Management
Colonial Rep Management
Colonial Rents
Tri-city Property Management

There is a small airport in Killeen (airport code GRK). Flights from Killeen will connect you to either Dallas-Fort Worth (American Eagle) or Houston (United) airports which are major hubs.
The Austin-Bergstrom International Airport is about 90 minutes from Fort Hood.
It is important to make parking reservations at an airport park & fly, particularly if you are travelling on major holidays like Thanksgiving. Airport lots can be full and the Park & Fly options take reservations months in advance. Reservations will also ensure your car is parked in a shaded area which can be important in Texas.
Amtrak has a station in Temple, 30 minutes from Fort Hood.
Drivers Licenses
*Visit DPS (Department of Public Safety) to exchange your Canadian driver’s license.
*Learners permits are issued to 15 year olds who have completed an online driver training course.
*Check the DPS website for the list of required documents for exchanging your license or getting a learners permit.

*Schools are divided into elementary (K-5), middle/junior high (6-8) and high (9-12) schools.
*There are considerable differences between the school districts in terms of size of schools, particularly at the high school level.
*For Districts with multiple schools at each level, ISD websites have maps showing school zones, or you can use the bus route information offered by the transportation department to enter a prospective address to determine the school(s) your child(ren) would attend from that home.
Great Schools Website can be used for information about school districts but it should not replace visiting and/or talking to current parents and staff of the school you are considering.

Popular School Districts
Killeen ISD (Ft Hood, Killeen, Harker Heights, Nolanville)
Belton ISD
Copperas Cove ISD (Copperas Cove and Kempner)
Lampasas ISD
Salado ISD
Georgetown ISD
Temple ISD
*Generally, the school day in Texas in much longer than in Canada. It varies by district/school/bus route but children are often on the school bus by 7am and home around 4pm.
*The school calendar runs from mid/late August until the end of May.
*Generally, there is a one week vacation for Thanksgiving, two weeks at Christmas and one week in March. Each month usually has one 3 day weekend for a holiday (ex Labor Day, Veterans Day, Presidents Day)
*School Policies for attendance and dress code are stricter and more enforced than in Canada.
The University Interscholastic League (UIL) is an organization that creates rules for and administers almost all athletic, musical, and academic contests for public primary and secondary schools in the state of Texas.
For a full briefing from the CDLS(W) medical staff, on accessing healthcare in the U.S., check out their webpages HERE.
*You will be able to access the base hospital (Carl R Darnell Army Medical Center) or the satellite clinics located in Harker Heights, Killeen or other communities. (For example, Harker Heights Medical Home is located in the Market Heights Shopping area near Old Navy).
*Any prescriptions are initially filled at the pharmacy in the community clinic, refills are dispensed at the CRDAMC or Clear Creek PX Pharmacy both on Fort Hood.
*Their phone systems cannot call Canadian phone numbers so it is important that you have a US number you can be reached at. Also for this reason, requests for your Canadian medical records will have to be mailed to your Canadian family physician. If you can bring copies of your records with you, that would be ideal.
*Find out about the ‘self-care program’ to get over the counter medications and ‘secure messaging’ offered by the clinic to be able to communicate with your medical care team easily.
*Many chain/big box stores familiar to Canadians are found in Killeen, Harker Heights, Temple and Georgetown.
*Round Rock Premium Outlets is located 45 minutes from Fort Hood.
*Grocery stores include Aldi, Walmart, Brookshire Brothers and H-E-B. *Curbside pickup, delivery or Instacart delivery is available in most of the areas surrounding Fort Hood.