National Online Programs

National Online Programs Stay connected, engaged and informed, with online meetings, recordings, and info sessions!

Military Family Services use virtual programs to bring quality, interactive, and informative workshops, meetings, and recordings to all CAF families, regardless of their posted location. We do this using two on-line meeting programs called WebEx and Zoom. We utilize these mediums because our families are spread out across Canada, the U.S. and around the world. The virtual meeting rooms allow us to connect and engage with each other from our homes and offices. Wacth for program flyers, calendar events, email invitations from staff that will direct you to which of these 2 platforms will be utilized for each meeting.
Additional Information:

The first time you join one of our live, on-line meetings you are asked to download a small software program that enables your computer to fully connect your audio and visual with the meetings. All WebEx meetings are protected by a highly reliable and secure network. The Cisco WebEx Cloud is certified by the Skyhigh CloudTrustTM Program, the most extensive, impartial evaluation of cloud security available. You can also download the WebEx App from the itunes and google play stores.

You can join a Zoom meeting from your webbrowser, or you can download the desktop app or the Apps from the itunes and google play stores.

Questions about Zoom security?
Check out their website for more information.
Staff will be also be using individualized location meeting spaces on zoom,
with password requirements and waiting rooms if necessary.
Check out the MFSUS YouTube channel. Make sure you subscribe to the channel! From this link you can view all of our recordings of past meetings, briefs, and guest speakers.