San Antonio


Welcome to the Heart of Texas!
Check out this ARTICLE on why San Antonio is the heart of Texas.
San Antonio is a big city with a countryside feel. The population is 1.493 million (2016 UN census).
Overall Resources for Navigating a San Antonio Posting
My Base Guide
Military Bases
Joint Base San Antonio
Information and resources for the family at JBSA
Fort Sam Houston
San Antonio Map
List of highways in San Antonio in the U.S. state of Texas. It consist of InterstatesU.S. highwaysstate highways, state highway loops and spurs maintained by the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) in the San Antonio metropolitan area, consisting of Bexar County and its seven surrounding counties. They range from multi-lane freeways that provide high-volume corridors to 2-lane roads. In addition to the four Interstates, which must be freeways per the Interstate Highway standardsU.S. Highway 90U.S. Highway 281State Highway 151 (SH 151), and the northern part of Loop 1604 are also freeways in San Antonio. There are also a couple instances where other highways run concurrently with the aforementioned freeways; US 87 and SH 16 run concurrently with Interstate 10 (I-10) and I-410 respectively.
San Antonio's freeway system is built in resemblance of a hub and spoke system, with Downtown San Antonio at the center. I-10, I-35, and I-37 combine to form a nine-mile Central Loop around Downtown. 410 and 1604 are the other two urban loops around the city. Connecting all three loops are the city's radial freeways—for example, I-10 West (towards El Paso) serves the northwest side of the city.
Drivers Licenses
  • *Visit DPS (Department of Public Safety) to exchange your Canadian driver’s license.
  • *Learners permits are issued to 15 year olds who have completed an online driver training course.
  • *Check the DPS website for the list of required documents for exchanging your license or getting a learners permit.
  • The DMV in New Braunfels is recommended when you are updating your licenses. 
For a full briefing from the CDLS(W) medical staff, on accessing healthcare in the U.S., check out their webpages HERE.

Brook Army Medical Centre is a great hospital; the service is fast and very professional. You will be able to access this Base Hospital with your U.S. Dependent ID Card.
Renting a house in San Antonio, is not always easy. You have to be prepared mentally that it can be challenging. You can rent a house on one of the bases. Here is an interesting article about Military Housing. Usually, the houses on the three bases are old and no agreement with the government of Canada is made with the housing management. Once you are moved in, if a problem occurs (for ex: rats) and you need to change houses, you need to move your belongings on your own, no compensation will be granted by the management housing company nor the Canadian government. Some other things to consider if you are thinking of renting from on-base housing: There is little privacy, and no fenced backyard and the Base has a loudspeaker that plays at 6 am and 6 pm every day that can be distracting to some families
*Many rental companies have online appointment booking through their websites, or through a website like Zillow. If you contact an agent, they will show you properties listed by their company.
*Zillow and Trulia are online resources that consolidate listings from various rental management companies.
*If you have a pet and the listing says “no pets” always ask if your pet might be allowed. Landlords may be flexible depending on the animal.
*Listings are often posted for houses available in the future. You may not be able to view a house if it is still occupied, even if the availability date fits your needs.
*Realtors can be challenging to find, check out reviews before selecting, to make sure they are familiar with military moves.

Check out the following websites for housing options:
Military By Owner
Fort Sam Housing
Randolph Housing
Lackland Housing
School Districts
To register your kids at a school, you need proof of residency (leasing agreement, CPS bill, SAWS Bill), Immunization (no shots, no registration), birth certificates, last report card, and ID (passport). On your HHT, make sure you have your kid’s vaccine records. During the registration process, you will receive a list of the required vaccine. The requirements are different in the US, and usually it is the dosage that differs. Have your Immunization booklet up to date. If you are missing some shots, once you have moved you can call The Metro Health District at (210)207-8780. The vaccine will be free of charge (some vaccine can be very expensive if you go to a drugstore or a civilian Clinic). If you bring your up to date booklet they will give you an official document of all of your child vaccines. You will be able to have that information added to your child’s file when you go on base to one of their military clinics.

NEISD (North East Independent School District)
In 2020, all the websites of the NEISD schools were updated. Consequently, a new link for military families was added.
Alamo Height Independent School District
Schertz-Cibolo-Universal City Independent School District
(this is the preferred district by CAF families)
Activities around San Antonio
The San Antonio River Walk
Mountain Bike Trails / San Antonio and Surrounding Areas 
Six Flags Amusement Park
Sea World
Landa Park in New Braunfels
Botanical Gardens
Museum of Arts
Wildlife Ranch
You have a great variety of grocery stores:
*Trader Joe’s
*Whole Foods Market
*Super Target
*Downtown you have the Central Market by H-E-B
*On the weekends you have the Farmers Market at the Pearl
*There are Commissarys on the Base. When you go, you need to show your military ID at the check-out.