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Kim Brown
Military Family Service Coordinator


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Monday:       8am - 10am
Tuesday:      8am - 2pm
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Hi. I’m Kim Brown the MFSC here on Whidbey Island!
A bit of my story……
 In July 2017 my husband & I made the move to Whidbey Island, starting the adventure of our first OUTCAN posting. 2 years in and we have loved every minute! We have a grown daughter who is married, living back in Canada and is a flight attendant. Completing our family here is our Newfoundland dog Kali. A military spouse of 30 years, I understand the challenges of the military lifestyle and am also aware of the unique challenges that an OUTCAN posting pose to our families. Being homesick, feeling lonely, adjusting to a new community (in a new country!) navigating the medical system, making new friends, the list goes on. I am passionate about supporting our families within the CANDET and doing all I can to ensure that the experience is a positive one. I am committed to being a support, to inform, listen and care for each and every person here and look forward to working as your MFSC! I encourage you to get involved and take advantage of all the wonderful services, resources and opportunities that are available to you through MFS, the base (MWR, FFR, Fitness Centre, etc) and the local community. Please feel free to reach out to me anytime.