COVID Education Support Are you eligible?

This COVID MFSP support is designed to assist CAF families who have children attending 100% e-learning/distance program in light of the coronavirus crisis.

Eligibility -for education assistance applies to CAF families who have students who are completing a distance learning program via their approved (FSD34) school and whose:
  • attending 100% virtual learning at home b) children's education delivery method has been modified due to COVID
 Education assistance consists of:
  •  support to elementary school aged children in grades 1-6 for 1 hour per week and secondary school aged children in grades 7-12 for 2 hours per week.
  • MFSP will reimburse a CAF family up to $15.00 USD per child, per eligible hour.
If additional supports are required, this will be assessed on a case by case basis.
A memo must be submitted to the Program Manager.

  • CAF families must submit their claim to their local MFS(US) Team Member monthly and / or within 2- weeks of the last day of service. 
Forms to be filled in and returned to your MFS(US) Team Member.
COVID Education Request Form
COVID Reimbursement Form

* Forms and Reimbursement are the same documents as the respite support.
​See the entire Military Family Services Program Covid Support Plan.

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