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MFS(US) Emergency Care Plan A good care plan ensures that you are ready for any “what if” situation, especially while OUTCAN

MFS(US) Emergency Care Plan for Families
MFS(US) Emergency Care Plan for Single Members 

Often times, families think they don’t need a family care plan because one person is always at home. A good family care plan ensures that you are ready for any “what if” situations, especially while OUTCAN.
A Military Family Care Plan (FCP) is a written document that outlines your family’s needs for regular, back-up, and/ or emergency situations. There is a Military FCP and an MFS(US) Care Plan. These are two different documents.  The military plan is mandatory for all members to have on file. Please check with your spouse to ensure they have completed it.  The MFS(US) plan is family focused and is designed to help a family in need in the least intrusive way possible. So if you are at the hospital you can be assured your child(ren)/pet are being cared for as you wish by the instructions in your plan.

The information requested in the MFS(US) ECP is more detailed and compliments the Military FCP so that we can better support your family and/or family members should the need arise, and is protected in accordance with the Privacy Act.
Although submitting this form to MFS(US) is entirely optional, MFS(US) does require it in order to assist your family in the case of an emergency.

Download the MFS(US) Emergency Care Plan for Families or the MFS(US) Emergency Care Plan for Single Members and submit to the MFS(US) Team Member for your location.