Employment Authorization Document (EAD) How to obtain and renew

In order to work in the United States you need to have an Employment Authorization Document. You will also need this to be eligible for EI, as you need to be able and willing to work in the US to be eligible.

We highly recommend that you check out the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services Website for the most up to date forms and instructions.

All of the forms and accompanying documentation should be submitted to the Sponsoring Canadian Command Clerk in your location; or if you do not have a clerk, submit to whomever your Sponsoring Canadian Command Contact person is – either CDLS(W) or NORAD.  They will review, endorse and forward to the Office of the Legal Advisor who will then submit to Citizenship and Immigrations Services.

Should your spouse’s post be more than three years you will be required to renew your EAD.

***Please note: a common-law partner will NOT be able to obtain an EAD as this is not a recognized marital status in the US.

NEW EAD FAQ’S DOCUMENT LINK - To learn about getting your first EAD

RENEW EAD FAQ'S DOCUMENT LINK - To learn about renewing your EAD