Having a Baby

Having a Baby in the U.S. What should you know?

Having a baby in the US is another somewhat complicated process. The upside though is that your child(ren) will have dual citizenship – and what a great opportunity for them! But it does mean some extra paperwork for you.

So where do you start to get your child(ren) Canadian Citizenship?….good news, they are already Canadian! You only have to get proof of that, which is called a Canadian Citizenship Certificate.

Application for a Citizenship Certificate for Adults and Minors (Proof of Citizenship)
You will need to get certified copies of documents for your application. To do this, you cannot get them from the Canadian Orderly Rooms, as you can when you are in Canada. You will need to go to a Notary somewhere else, such as a Bank, AAA (American Automobile Association) office or UPS Store. Some states, such as New York will require you to go through state officials to get these documents notarized; have your CAF member contact their Orderly Room for more details. If you need additional help, contact the Embassy in Washington DC – CDLS(W), Protocol Office. 

Check out our FAQ: Having a Baby in the US for further details.