Canadian Post Secondary Information Info on returning to Canada to study

Post Secondary Education FAQs

Canadian Armed Forces families with high school-aged children may prepare for university or college applications while OUTCAN.  As their situations are unique (applying as Canadian military families attending US high schools or high schools abroad) they may experience specific issues during the applications process.

Connect with Childrens Education Management to find supports available to your teens during this time and to speak with a social worker. 

Virtual Canadian Post-Secondary Education Library
To help CAF students and their parents navigate the world of Canadian Post-Secondary Education applications while in the US/abroad, MFS worked with a number of universities and colleges across Canada and created a Virtual Canadian Post-Secondary Education Library. With an eye toward OUTCAN circumstances, MFS hosted and interviewed recruiters and admissions officers from coast to coast.

In these recordings you can find information on:
  • Credit and course requirements/equivalency
  • Minimum grade requirements
  • ACT/SAT scores
  • Residency status during application
  • Live-In Residence availability
  • Tips and tricks for filling out supplemental applications
  • Virtual tours and
  • Healthcare insurance.
Check out all of these recordings on our MFSUS YouTube page to get info on the university/colleges of your choice. Contact information for each student recruitment/admissions officer can be found within the recording.
Still have questions?  Contact your local MFS Community Coordinator and the admissions professionals of the universities or colleges you are interested in.