Emergency Childcare

Emergency / Respite Child Care

The goal of the Emergency Child Care (ECC) Service is to facilitate short-term emergency care requirements in times of a CAF work-related separation and/or emergency.

This service can enhance your existing child care plans by helping you to understand your options in emergency situations and in approved cases, providing limited financial assistance.

If a CAF member must report for duty on short-notice -- or is away on a military-related tasking -- and something happens that prevents the other parent from being able to care for their children, MFSUS can help to arrange short-term emergency child care until more permanent arrangements can be made.

If the situation is not an emergency, but child care is seen to be essential for the family’s continued health, well-being and resilience, a period of respite care may be available.

Currently MFSUS has an Emergency Child Care Service which offers support to families who experiences emergencies or have a need for respite care. For additional information on how to access the service please contact your MFS Coordinator.

Emergency/Respite Child Care Request Form
Emergency Childcare Information Brochure
Emergency Childcare Information FAQ