Childcare in the U.S.

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Finding child care in your new community may be challenging depending on where you are posted. You may find limited choices and those that you do find may not operate the same way as you have come to expect in Canada. You will have to manage your expectations in some communities. The message here is to prepare yourself for this. 

CONTACT the Military Family Services Coordinator for your state to see what options might be available to you. They may have information on local service providers, references from other Canadians, and other community resources that they can refer you to. They will also be familiar with options that may be available to you on the base where your CAF member is working.

For those families who have two parents in the work force, there may be potential benefits to assist with the higher daycare costs.

Please read the Military Foreign Service Instruction (MFSI), Section 11 for further details.

Emergency Childcare Information Brochure
Emergency Childcare Information FAQ