About MFS(US) How we support our OUTCAN families

Your primary point of contact and resource while OUTCAN is the MFS(US) staff.
Our Mission is to contribute to the operational readiness of the CAF by providing services that enhance family resilience and stabilization in the face of military challenges.

Military Family Services United States or just MFS(US), offers services, supports, information, and referrals for families posted to the U.S. In addition to local services and supports available, we also connect families to national services and supports (both U.S. and Canadian). 

In serving the community of CAF families in the U.S., our staff puts it's resources and efforts towards developing solutions that are shaped by families, and that deliver tangible, meangingful outcomes to them. Government funding associated with the delivery of the MFS Program includes: Information and Education/Awareness, Referral and Support/Services, and Intervention.