About MFSUS How we serve our OUTCAN families

Military Family Services Unites States (MFSUS) funds front-line services, supports, information and referral for families posted to the U.S. In addition to local services and supports available, we also connect families to national services and supports (both U.S. and Canadian). 

A number of guiding principles translate the MIlitary Family Services Program mission and values into tangible outcomes that matter to military families. This includes:
"Military Family Services, a division of Canadian Forces Morale and Welfare Services, works to ensure that the Canadian military family community is well supported in order for military families to manage the stresses and unique challenges of the military lifestyle, while supporting the operational effectiveness of the Canadian Armed Forces."

In serving the community of CAF families in the U.S., service providers of the MFS program will channel its resources and efforts to developing solutions that are shaped by families, and that deliver tangible, meangingful outcomes to them. Activities not directly linked to such outcomes will not be undertaken or pursued. 

The MFS Program was developed to respond to the identified needs of miltiary families that arise from the unique characteristics of the military lifestyle. Parameters 4 Practice outlines the service and program delivery component of the MFS Program. Government funding associated with the delivery of the MFS Program includes: Information and Education/Awareness, Referral and Support/Services, Intervention.