Returning to Canada

Returning to Canada Resources to check out

FAQ: Returning to Canada
CDN INFO: Canadian Employment Resources

PRESENTATION: Military Family Services Spousal Employment Program
CAF Ombudsman Moving Info: The ABCs of Military Postings

Returning to Canada Briefing 2021

Canadian Military Family Resource Centres (MFRCs)
Check out and get in touch with your new MFRC to find out what resources are available to you in your new community and to make some new connections.

Education: Children's Education Management supports the educational needs of Canadian Armed Forces families in a variety of situations both inside and outside Canada. For more information on education and what is offered in Canada please visit Children's Education Management (CEM)

CAF Integrated Relocation Program (IRP)
Integrated Relocation Program

Relocation Services
BGRS Registration Website

Canadian Border Services:
Things to know when crossing the border. Import/export. Restrictions. Pets. And more.
CBSA Website

Canadian Revenue Agency:
Contact the CRA with your new address and date of move for the new tax year.

CFSU(CS)/CDLS(W) Departure Books
For further details, please review the appropriate sections in your CFSU(CS) and CDSL Departure Book provided to you by your CAF Member upon posting.