Last updated on 07/11/2019

Childrens' Dance
Creative Dance
Artistic Dance
Classical Ballet

$10 discount for each additional family member.

Registration opens Wednesday, December 4th at 18h online or at the Sports Centre 
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*Fees and courses are subject to change without notice*

Information : 
418 844-5000, ext 6595 
Facebook: Axendanse
Note : There will be no classes during Spring Break from March 2 to 8, 2020 and during Easter Long Weekend from April 10 to 13, 2020.


• Childrens' Dance (15 weeks) 
Interactive dance awareness course. Movement awareness with playful exercises, rhythmic games, flexibility, tone and balance.

• Creative Dance (15 weeks) 
The creative dance class is the perfect way to accommodate young children who want to dance before they are of an age to begin specialized techniques. Children will develop their creative sense and ability to listen to music, while having fun and improving their coordination and self-confidence.

• Artistic Dance (15 weeks) 
The artistic dance class is a contemporary discovery of lyrical and jazz styles.
Childrens' Dance  3 yrs  SPO1920161302H  Community Centre   18 Jan to 9 May  Saturday  9h10  to
9h 55 
 $149    $215   $169    235 $ 
Creative Dance 4-5 yrs  SPO1920161302I Community Centre  18 Jan to 9 May Saturday
10h 55
 $159   $229  $179   249 $
Artistic Dance 6-10 yrs  SPO1920161302J Community Centre  18 Jan to 9 May Saturday

12h15 to
 $159   $229  $179   249 $
 * Until December 18, 2019

  • Hip-Hop (15 weeks)
The hip-hop dance class allows you to acquire the basics of popping, locking 
 and wave techniques. The skills learned are integrated into a choreography that is being taught throughout the session.
Hip Hop   7-12 yrs  SPO1920161302K  Community Centre   18 Jan to 9 May   Saturday  11h00
to 11h55 
 $159    $229   $179   249 $ 
 * Until December 18, 2019

  • Classical Ballet (15 weeks) 
The classical ballet class introduces various classical techniques. We will work on the general lattitude of the body, the alignment of the head and shoulders in an upright position, points, flexibility, balance and coordination.
Classical Ballet   3-5 yrs  SPO1920161302L  Community Centre   19 Jan to 10 May  Sunday  9h10 to 9h55   $149   $215   $169   235 $ 
Classical Ballet  6-10 yrs  SPO1920161302M  Community Centre   19 Jan to
10 May
Sunday  10h00 to
 $159  $229  $179   249 $ 
 * Until December 18, 2019