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  • A refund will be granted for any of the following reasons:
       - Cancellation of courses or activities by the Community Recreation Department;
       - Withdrawal of the participant 5 days before the beginning of the course or the day of the activity.
       - Injury, illness, transfer or military courses.
  • Failure to appear does not constitute as a withdrawal.
  • To be accepted, a refund request must be made before the last day of the session for courses, in the current month for memberships (the current month will be lost) and 5 days before the start of an activity.
  • In the event that the request is made during the session, only the remaining portion of the activity can be refunded to you.
  • A 10% administration fee will be retained, in addition to sports federation membership fees where applicable.
  • No transfers or credits are allowed.
  • The refund will be made within 30 working days. 
This policy does not apply to: 
       - The Member Benefits Program (ie: discounted tickets).
       - Courcelette Day Camp (no refund will be given, only transfers will be accepted. (Depending on the number of places available).
       - The Mistral Laurentian Soccer Club.