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Last updated on 19/11/2020


Group Lessons
Private Lessons and Semi-Private Lessons
Instrument Rentals
**25% discount for each additional family member for private and semi-private lessons**

Registration opens December 2 at 6h pm.
Register with the activity CODE (see below) of your choice.
Register Online if you have an account with the Community Recreation Department.
Open an Account with the Community Recreation Department.
418 844-5000, ext 3923

​* Fees and courses are subject to change without notice*

Note : There will be no classes during Spring Break from March 1 to 7, 2020 and during Easter Long Weekend from April 9 to 12, 2020.


Private Lessons
Our individual lessons are designed for beginners as well as for advanced students, both young and older.
Lessons include: piano, guitar, merlin, violin, vocals, flute, clarinet, trumpet, drums and electric bass.
Each student brings his or her own instrument except for piano and drum lessons.  For those who do not have an instrument, we offer a rental service at a very reasonable price. (Lesson duration: 45 minutes)

Semi-Private Lessons
Our 45-minute private lessons can be given in a semi-private setting depending on the instruments. This is an attractive option for families with children starting out and who are at the same level! You must contact the school representative to request semi-private lessons.

45 minute private lessons  6yrs+   TBD   Community Centre  18 Jan to
9 May 
 TBD   TBD   $429   $615 
45 minute semi-private lessons   6yrs+   TBD Community Centre  18 Jan to 9 May  TBD   TBD  $555   $795
**25% discount for each additional family member for private and semi-private lessons: contact the person in charge at 418-844-5000 ext 3923**

There is a possibility of monthly payment for invoices of 300$ and more before taxes. Children aged 8 and under can convert a 45-minute private class into a 30 minute class. You must contact the school representative to make the change.

Guitar Merlin Bass / Drums / Clarinet / Cross Flute / Trumpet / Piano  / Vocals / Saxophone / Accordion
 Time  Tuesday       Wednesday  Thursday
6h00 to 6h45 pm   MUS2021141302AA  MUS2021141302BA MUS2021141302CA
6h50 to 7h35 pm MUS2021141302AB MUS2021141302BB MUS2021141302CB
7h40 to 8h25 pm MUS2021141302AC MUS2021141302BC  MUS2021141302CC
8h30 to 9h15 pm MUS2021141302AD MUS2021141302BD MUS2021141302CD

Instrument Rentals

Investing in a music course is one thing, but having to buy the instrument is another. This is why our school offers the option for registered students to rent an instrument at a very affordable price (on request). If we do not have the instrument you want, an alternative will be offered. Please note that the price may differ for the alternative. For rental, please call 418-844-5000 ext. 3923. The rental price is for a duration of 17 weeks. 

 17 Week Rental  LOC1920141302   $109  $155
 Summer Rental - June to September   LOC1920141302  $109   $155