Denwood Outdoor Athletics Club

Denwood Outdoor Athletics Club

Welcome to the Denwood Outdoor Athletics Club. Our club is open to both Military and Civilian members of all ages, abilities and experiences.  We offer our members a supportive environment in which to challenge individual goals in both a competitive and non-competitive environment.

To become a member, you must first either
1) be military or a member of the Community Rec Association or
2) purchase a One Club Membership ($50+tax) at the Garrison Fitness Centre.

Then, please contact the club Treasurer, Sgt Alain Goguen, at 780-842-1363 x 1720.

Mission Statement

The Denwood Outdoor Athletics Club (DOAC) is dedicated to encouragement of club members who are interested in developing skills in running and Cross-Country Skiing or just enjoying the great outdoors.  Our mission is to foster this development within our club in a friendly and fun environment.  


  • Running 
There is no formal training scheduled for the running portion of the club. Members use Facebook to organize runs both short and long distance.  All members are encouraged to participate as individuals of teams. There is also some track training equipment available for loan.
  • Cross Country Skiing
During the winter, Cross-Country Skiing is available to DOAC members.  The club sets ski tracks (classic and skating) at the Wainwright Golf Course, Riverdale Golf Course and Mistahiya.  Skiers meet on designated week nights for group skiing when conditions are favourable.  Beginner Ski Lessons for both members and non-members are available Rental equipment is available to members only. 
  • Biking
The club is open to biking initiatives. During the cycling season we aim to host a weekly group ride, beginning at the Communiplex in the Town of Wainwright and cycling a round-trip route from there. 
  • Snowshoeing
We have 4 pairs of running snowshoes and 2 pairs of hiking snowshoes available to all members to be signed out free of charge. 

DOAC Membership

  • DOAC Membership costs $21.00 to all members (incl GST)
  • DOAC is a club under Garrison Wainwright Community Recreation Association (CRA).  As a requirement all individuals who are not CF Members and wish to become a DOAC member must take out a CFB Wainwright CRA membership.  Various options are available between $15.00 (One Club) to $50.00 per year depending on membership type. 

For additional information, please join our Facebook page DOAC Denwood Outdoor Athletics Club
Capt Eric Hough
780-842-1363 x 3215

Vice President:

Capt Megan Cromarty
780-842-1363 x 1726

Pte Alain Goguen
780-842-1363 x 1720