Garden Club

Garden Club

The rewards of belonging to a garden club go far beyond the pleasure of growing things. Joining the garden club is a great way to "green" your thumb and meet new people. Membership provides an opportunity to expand your interests while bettering your community and the environment. Garrison Wainwright provides an excellent gardening facility. Water taps are located at the base of each garden plot, there is ample parking, and a small tiller and lown mower available for use at the gardens. In addition, need we say "Location-Location-Location". Our gardens are located close to the main gate, so you can visit your garden without having to go out of your way. So come on out and get some relaxing exercise, fresh air and discover the satisfation of growing your own fresh vegetables and saving some money at the same time.

Garden Club Bylaws
To become a member, you must first either
1) be military or a member of the Community Rec Association or
2) purchase a One Club Membership ($50+tax) at the Garrison Fitness Centre.

Then, please contact the club President.

Cpl Samuel Roy
780-842-1363 x 1656

Vice President:
MCpl Nathan Henry


Cpl Gavin Eady
780-842-1363 x1426

Councillor Ian Pratt