Sprockets ATV Club

Sprockets OHV Club

Sprockets is a local off-highway vehicle (OHV) club, located on the military base in Wainwright, AB. Whether you’re just getting started or you’re a veteran rider, this club is for you. We organize group rides and events for members, aiming to promote safe riding techniques and to foster an inclusive and friendly group riding environment. Members also have access to ride in certain areas on the military base and in our massive training area. All quads, sleds, dirtbikes and side-by-sides are welcome. Must provide proof of insurance and registration. Our annual club fees are only $10 each or $15 per family (incl. tax). Feel free to like and follow our facebook group for updates.

To become a member, you must first either
1) be military or a member of the Community Rec Association or
2) purchase a One Club Membership ($50+tax) at the Garrison Fitness Centre.

Then, please contact the club Treasurer, Sgt Marie-Claude Ménard, at 780-842-1363 x 1481 or Marie-Claude.Menard@forces.gc.ca.  

MWO Martin Duval
780-842-1363 x 1432

Vice President
Sgt Patrick Lebel
780-842-1363 x 1412

WO Martin Duval
780-842-1363 x 5014

Sgt Marie-Claude Ménard
780-842-1363 x 1481

Trailer OPI
Cpl Ethan Gillman
780-842-1363 x 1666

Route Bookings
Capt Alain Nadon
780-842-1363 x 8213